Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yeah, I Had to Use a Coupon

I know..I know..the title of my blog is No Coupons Necessary but this is just something I couldn't keep to myself. Maybe it's because I'm watching Extreme Couponing or maybe it's just because I like to share the good deals I come across. On a side note, those couponers are crazy! Who needs a thousand tubes of toothpaste, really?

For those of you who know me, you know that I love my toaster oven. If you read my friend's blog, Journey Through Food and Wine, you also know that I love to cook a mean ribeye steak in it. So, the other evening, as I'm broiling this lovely sized ribeye, I start to hear sparks and then look over to see my beloved toaster oven smoking! As I run over I'm envisioning me opening the door only to have the oxygen hit the heat and flames come roaring out at my face. Obviously, that didn't happen. I was able to salvage the steak but not the toaster oven. I then realized that this would be my last cooking adventure in this trusty little contraption however, this trusty little contraption can easily be replaced. 

Lucky for me, my Kohls catalog arrived in the mail! Ya know, the one where you have to peel off the sticker to reveal your savings? Much to my anticipation, I grabbed the catalog and slowly revealed my savings. Yahoo, 20%! I'll take it! Then, like an extreme couponer, I got excited remembering that I have $10 Kohls cash in my wallet. SWEET! Looks like a trip to Kohls is in order to replace my favorite kitchen appliance.

A couple days later, it was time for the Kohls adventure. But, check this out...I completely forgot about needing a toaster oven. So, as we perused the athletic section for some clothes for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, the casual women's clothes section and the candle aisle my friend looks to me and says, "Let's go check out the cheese graters." Once in housewares, that's where it hit me! TOASTER OVEN!

We walked to the toaster ovens and there it was. A Black & Decker Convection Countertop Oven. The large capacity fits a 12" pizza or 6 slices of bread. The convection cooking circulates air for fast, even results and it has a 60 minute timer. Here's the savings part. This usually sells for $79.99. It was on sale for $59.99. 
My new toaster oven! Well, the box it came in.

I grabbed that box and went straight to the register. After I handed her my 20% off coupon and my Kohls cash I ended up having a bill of just $42.89 with tax. Ahhh, the satisfaction was so gratifying and then, it got better! The clerk handed me a $10 gift card coupon to use on my next purchase. REALLY? You mean I'll have to come back to buy more things? Ok, twist my arm! Sometimes I think Kohls pays their customers to shop there. LOVE that store!

There is one thing I need to mention. If you, too, would like to get the coupons in the mail and extras such as Kohls cash and surprise coupon gift cards, you do have to have a Kohls account. I must say, by NOT having a Kohls credit card, you're missing out if you shop there frequently. The rewards by having one has far exceeded any other credit card I've ever had. Just pay your bill on time so you're not having to pay any extra because then there would be no purpose to using those coupons.


Mity said...

Great Blog post Erin. There is a big difference between using "a" coupon and those extremists on TV.

Also, quick question on the Nutella. I see several of my friends like the product. However, my grandson is allergic to peanuts and gets a reaction if it is even in the near vicinity. Is this product considered peanut butter? Does it have peanuts in it?

I also saw your Avon Walk goal. You are only $80 from meeting your goal. You have done a GREAT job with that as well. Did the wine fundraiser totals come through? How did you ladies do on that?

Thanks Erin and keep up the good work!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Erin, Malaysia has not caught on the coupon thingy. If they have then I sure will drive your DAD nuts because now that I try to earn points on using my credit cards to purchase everything, he used to laughed at me for doiing that even on small bills. But after the last trip back to US on first class tickets redeemed from the points we earned, he is now more co-operative hehe.

Michelle said...

I love your blogs!