Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pretty bad at this blogging thing..

Actually, not sure if I'm bad at the blogging thing or really, the shopping thing. My best friend has agreed with me that I have just not been in the shopping mood lately. Well, with Christmas, of course I was but truly...just not looking for the deals but more the perfect gift for my friends and family. I definitely believe that I over analyze what to give someone as a gift. To me, it has to be perfect. I thoroughly enjoy the look of surprise and joy on their faces as they open their gifts.

Recently, however, I have started to get the urge to shop. Maybe it's out with the old and new with the in. I have a trash bag of clothes to donate that sits on the floor of my "closet room." Yes, I have an entire room that is basically mine. The closet is full of my clothes and my shoes and the wall has hangers of all my purses..and I even have a piece of furniture that holds all my jewelry...both costume and gems. I'm pretty sure there's a bed in that room, too. Maybe I should check for the next time we have a guest stay with us. I would prefer they NOT sleep on my clothes. lol!

Today was a shopping day. As usual, I hit some of my favorite stores that have deals on name brand clothing. It was the Dressbarn first, to buy a jacket that I fell in love with when I first saw it before the holidays. I didn't dare buy it knowing that the month of December is not a time to be buying myself anything. (Well, the days before the 25th, how's that?) So, I went back to buy the jacket and well, not so much of a deal. CUTE but not a deal. Next, Danah (that best friend I mentioned) and I went to Marshall's. Not much there either but I did manage to buy a cute casual shirt for $16.99. So, next on our list was Burlington Coat Factory and well, sure enough...I found some SUPER cute jeans for tonight. Ya know...New Year's Eve and all I was in need of some bling. Heck, I don't even know the brand but they have shiny pockets!!
Not a very good picture..sorry about that. These were only $12.98!! Seriously, who buys jeans for $12.98? I DO! Especially when they are a great fit. Actually, I wouldn't buy them if they weren't a great fit.

So, this just goes to show ya that Marshall's and Burlington Coat Factory can come through for ya every now and then. Some of my other favorites are TJ Maxx and Ross. I'm cheap, what can I say?

Happy New Year, ya'll!!


1-2Punch said...

I'm with you a good deal and thrift shopping too! Scored a Giorgio Armanie jacket for $4.99 last month.

Erin said...

Love thrift stores! As they say...One person's trash is another's treasure and I couldn't agree more!

Sam said...

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